Monday, February 17, 2014

Fete Du Cuvée is Quickly Approaching!

Love wine? Well, you are in for a treat! JLSA Fete Du Cuvée Wine Auction will be Saturday, March 1. This is a black tie event that we cannot wait for. The evening will start with a wine reception, silent auction, and hors d'oeuvres. I have to hand it to the Fete Du Cuvée organizers; they sure know how to choose food for an event. I attended a pre Fete Du Cuvée event in December called Dinner Under the Stars. It was held inside the grounds of the Alamo, downtown.  

That night we ate like kings. 

We enjoyed many different types of wild game dishes from various chefs. 

The entertainment after the dinner was fantastic. We danced under the stars to glorious sounds from Theron and the Old Quarters. 
Wow, what a night.

The featured chefs for the wine auction are: Chef John Herdman from Sustenio,
Holley Dominguez from 18 Oaks-J.W. Marriot, Ernie Estrada from Omni,
Justin Johnson from Max’s Wine Dive,
John Russ from Lüke, and 
Jeff White from Boiler House. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I do not know what would! Don’t forget about the MAIN EVENT for the night, the live wine auction. Master auctioneer Anthony Mihalski will be there to take your bids on your favorite bottles of wine. In case you were wondering, here is a list of the events for the night:

Ok, now are you ready to buy tickets? Well, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS! You can also follow that link if you have any further questions.  We cannot wait to see you there! 

So why does Junior League of San Antonio throw all of these wonderful fundraisers? To put money and volunteers, straight into the San Antonio community. Our league has been giving to the San Antonio community for decades. 9 decades to be exact. Through this blog you have learned about JLSA opening schools, giving to our veterans, and even opening up hospitals. Did you know in the 1940’s The Junior League of San Antonio fought to get the polio vaccine here to San Antonio for our cities children? It is hard to imagine how scary life was back then. I found this video that can help you to remember how scared people were for their children to go out and play. It shows the city spreading DDT to try and kill pests that carried the disease. 
This video was not produced or affiliated with Junior League of San Antonio. Its purpose is to educate the reader about the hardships during the Polio Epidemic. Please click here for more information about the author of this video. 

The line, 38 seconds in, that read “And in the parks and public places, children are forbidden to gather” is memorizing to me. JLSA did not help spread DDT around they city, but we were largest impact in bringing the Polio vaccine to San Antonio. 
Our organization of women worked together with the funds we had available, through fundraising, to try and bring relief to our community. 

So join us at Fete Du Cuvée. A special thank you goes out to our Fete Du Cuvée sponsors: 

                                                      Presenting Sponsor: 
                                                         Stemware Sponsor:
                                                               Lee Michaels

                                                            Decor Sponsors:

                                                          Flair Floral & Illusions
                                                              Other Sponsors
                                                               Wave Healthcare
                                                         San Antonio Eye Center

                                                             Americus Diamond

                                                        Cosmo Technology Rentals

                                                            Special Thanks to

                                                                  Zella Press

                                                               Cadence Bank

                                                                   20 Nine

                                                             Botanika Floral 

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