Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Day Brunch at The Bright Shawl

Are you looking for something special to do on Easter morning with the kiddos? Do you have family and friends in town and just don't want to mess with the headache of cooking? Do you want to start a new Easter tradition? Then why not join us for Brunch at the Bright Shawl April 8.

The Bright Shawl first opened its doors in October 1925 and served as the Junior League's very first fundraiser project.  The ladies of the league borrowed the name, "The Bright Shawl," from the popular novel by the same name written by Joseph Heigerheimer in 1920.  Back in the 20s, only league members and their families were allowed to dine at The Bright Shawl. Times have changed, and now The Bright Shawl is open for dining to all, and encourages local business men and women working in the downtown area to come over and try some of their delicious specialities!

Reservations are recommended for our Easter Brunch so make sure to call 210-225-6366.  Kids age 5 and under are FREE (an added bonus).

For more information about The Bright Shawl and its unique history, visit .  And if you are unable to join us this Easter, try to host your very own special brunch with a variety of cinnamon rolls, french toast, fresh fruit and dips, and a fun punch! And don't forget the egg hunt for the kiddos!

Happy Easter from Your Junior League!