Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry & Bright

Take a look at this little guy. The handsome one sitting in Santa's lap. Isn't he the cutest thing EVER?

Meet my adorable nephew! This is Carrie Lane's little boy, Dawson. He and Carrie and his dad, Jim, had a great time at this year's Breakfast with Santa held on December 1 at the Bright Shawl. Breakfast with Santa is only one of many kid-oriented activities and programs that are woven into the fabric of our own JLSA.

Carrie was looking for a way to meet moms with children the same age as Dawson, and she recognized that the League provided a great resource to reach out to other moms with similar interests, so she started the JLSA Moms' Group, one of several special interest groups that have formed under the JLSA umbrella. In its inaugural year, the group has had playdates at Phil Hardberger Park and Landa Library, and they rode the train at Brackenridge Park. They also participated in JLSA events like this year's Pajamas and Pancakes at Holiday Ole Market and had Breakfast with Santa. They have met for lunch at Bigz, and fun upcoming events are planned in January 2013, like lunch at MoMaks and a playdate at Walker Ranch Park.

JLSA moms and babies visit at Hardberger Park.

I love the varied nature of these different outings--moms get to connect with (and maybe commiserate with!) other moms while exploring the wide variety of kid-friendly parks and venues our city (and our League) has to offer. Click here for more information about upcoming Mom's Group events. Everyone is welcome to attend the JLSA Moms' Group events.

And speaking of JLSA, the holidays, and children--don't forget that the Royal Canvas will be at The Bright Shawl Gallery this Saturday, December 15, from 12pm to 2pm. Bring your kids to paint a Christmas nutcracker on canvas. Light snacks will be provided at this event, which costs $30. RSVP to Maria Downes at to reserve your spot.