Thursday, July 25, 2013

Digging Up Gold

Cleaning out closets at the Bright Shawl may not be a duty fit for a queen looking for treasure. However,  a few treasure seeking members from JLSA spent their morning cleaning out store rooms in the Bright Shawl.

The Bright Shawl was filled with plenty of "OoooOOO's" and "Ahhhh's" as members scoured the storage closets. They were hoping to score some gold for their committees. The "hidden" stairs seemed scary.

However, what waited for us at the top could be described as a treasure chest at the end of a San Antonio Junior League rainbow.  Artifacts, antique furniture, posters all reminded us of our past. And of course, we found dolls.....

Yes, dolls. This doll, given to us by the Red Hat Society, proves that JLSA is treasured by a lot of organizations because of our consistent commitment to service. Digging through artifacts last week, I learned about a treasured JLSA era, the 30's.  Along with starting a free dental clinic (Children's Free Clinic) for children and installing playgrounds, our JLSA ancestors were interested in FASHION!

Joske's, an old department store in downtown San Antonio, started clothing women in 1867. The company noticed all the good Junior League of San Antonio was doing in our community and decided to be our main supplier of fashion. Members used this new partner to throw fashion shows and celebrate good doings with new friends. 


  From a golden era to a golden time, the Junior League of San Antonio is filled with golden memories.