Friday, June 21, 2013

Pass the torch.... TO ME!

Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to Kelly Anderson, our 2012-2013 JLSA Blogger. She passed the torch on to me, Amanda Shippey on June 1st. I have not burned myself yet, but this is my first blog entry. On June 1st  the sky did not display an enchanting show of fireworks. People were not prancing around in their black and gold hats blowing noisemakers. However, if you ask any JLSA member they will tell you their excitement and goals for the upcoming year, much like a New Years resolution. “I want the League to be set up for success, so I want to make sure I am proactive this year and ready to hit the ground running come spring.” Says our thrilled president elect, Kristen Henry. I have found that many members goals are similar to mine, shedding light on the past 90 years of JLSA. When I asked Dana Cleveland how she will celebrate the 90th celebration of San Antonio Junior League, she said, “Engaging our members in our heritage and continuing to serve our community.” Through out the new year, I hope to show you how JLSA has changed over the past 90 years. You will notice the blog entries will take you for a ride in a time traveling machine. You will see the Bright Shawl opening in the 20’s, ladies fashion shows in the 30’s, to the opening of Holiday Ole in the 90’s.  I hope you enjoy your summer and start of a new JLSA year!  A few of our members enjoyed their first week at the Witte Museums Annual Burgers, Bottles, and Beer celebration.  

Pictured are ten members, some meeting for the first time.

Isn’t great how a wonderful organization allows you link up with an exceptional group of women? Speaking of summer, have you heard about the Elaine Turner Event? 

Shopping, eating, and hanging out with your friends sounds like an amazing way to spend your summer. So get out and support The Junior League of San Antonio! RVSP to if you plan on attending.   

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