Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Date Nights at the Bright Shawl

I've been a member of the JLSA for several years, and my husband and I have been to a few League events together, but I don't think we've ever been to two JLSA events in the same week. Plus, the demands of work and kids make it hard for us to get away for a little time for ourselves. This week, Ryan and I attended a member credit shift together in the ball room at the Bright Shawl, and it was so fun and interesting. Taryn Little, JLSA Training Manager, organized a class for couples focused on finding their Gallup Strengths and learning how knowing each other's strengths can improve a relationship. Ryan and I learned a lot (Ron & Jennifer Soos were such dynamic and engaging speakers!), and we had a good time doing it.

 Ryan and I discovered we had some of the same individual strengths 
and learned about how our strengths impact our relationship.

After the class, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We headed just a few blocks down the street to The Brooklynite. It was Tiki Tuesday! And the pink Tapa Tapa truck was parked outside, enticing us to try some really unusual and tasty bites. If you and your significant other (or your JLSA girlfriends) are looking for a fun place to visit after a meeting, I highly recommend you head down the street to The Brooklynite. Who knew Ryan and I could have such a fun date night at and around the Bright Shawl on a windy Tuesday night in February?

My "Painkiller" cocktail in a kitchy tiki glass paired perfectly
with Tapa Tapa's "Mac n' Cheezits." Fun!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had a glass of wine during our class at the Bright Shawl.... Speaking of wine, Ryan and I will be heading BACK to the Bright Shawl this Saturday for Fete du Cuvee. Two date nights in one week is relatively unheard of for Ryan and me, but the fact that both date nights are JLSA events occurring at the Bright Shawl is pretty amazing! Hope to see you at Fete!


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  2. Thank you for your post, Kelly. It inspired us to attend the Artists who Teach exhibit opening at the Bright Shawl. We truly enjoy art and we, too, had a wonderful date night at the Bright Shawl. We look forward to future opportunities! -AD