Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to Meetings!

September. Can you believe that it’s SEPTEMBER? My kids are back in school, and even though it’s still hot outside, every now and then I can almost feel a subtle hint of cooler temperatures on the way. Back to school for the kids also means back to JLSA monthly general meetings at the Bright Shawl, and our first general meeting will be next Tuesday, September 11, at 7pm. In case you’ve missed it, the theme for our first meeting is “Be True To Your School.” Prizes will be awarded for Best In-State Spirit, Best Out-of-State Spirit, and Best Overall Spirit, so everyone is encouraged to come in theme. This gives me the perfect excuse to head to the University of Texas Co-Op store over in the Quarry to pick out some fine burnt orange apparel. It’s so weird, because when I went to college at UT in the 90s (wow, that sounds like a long time ago), most of us wouldn’t have been caught dead in our team color. Burnt orange was reserved for a few service-oriented groups like the Silver Spurs or the cheerleaders. The rest of us wore our wrap skirts, Cole Haan clogs and Harold’s tops to the football games. Now, Texas fans wouldn't be caught dead in anything BUT something showing their school pride. Times have changed, I think, for the better.

Showing school spirit at last year's first general meeting. Gig 'em & hook 'em!

​Thinking about next week’s general meeting makes me think about general meetings, generally, and why JLSA members should attend meetings. Yes, I know it’s an obligation. Actives have to attend 5 meetings every year in order to fulfill our membership requirement. But there are lots of reasons to look forward to attending our monthly general meetings. Here are ten:

10. You get to reconnect with your friends and acquaintances in the real world—not on Facebook, not on Instagram, not on Twitter, not on Pinterest. You can actually talk to someone live and in person. I know, it’s retro. It’s crazy and old fashioned. And it's pretty great!

9. You learn something new about the League. Almost every time I go to a meeting, I learn something. It might be about something we have done out in the community, an upcoming opportunity that I was unaware of, an upcoming deadline for a membership requirement, an event I might like to attend, or something that’s happening in our city. Meetings are a great place to expand your horizons.

8. It’s an opportunity to meet new people. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have many opportunities to meet new people--I have my work friends, my family, and my social circles pretty well established. But the JLSA is definitely a place where there are always new faces, whether they are transfers from a different city who are new to San Antonio, new members, or even sustainers.

7. Meetings are fun. A meeting is like a big theme party, but with a purpose. When's the last time you were encouraged to wear your pajamas to a meeting?

Slumber party-inspired fun at the Bright Shawl.

6. You get to be a part of the process. This is your League, this is our League. If it’s a voting meeting, it’s important to be there and be heard.

5. You can sample tasty snacks and delicious wines. You can check out the art in the Gallery. And you can win prizes!

4. Being at the Bright Shawl is neat—I always think about the generations of interesting, motivated women that have met in that building. It’s inspiring to be a part of that tradition.

3. JLSA meetings are efficient and well organized. You know that the JLSA leadership respects your time and will do their best to make our meetings interesting, informative, entertaining, and brief.

2. Our meetings provide leadership opportunities, a public speaking forum for our members, and a platform for members to be publicly recognized for their important contributions. When you come to a meeting, you are demonstrating your support for our fellow leaders and members.

1. Finally, our meetings provide a wonderful monthly opportunity for everyone in the JLSA to get together--regardless of membership status, and regardless of placement.

See you at our first meeting! 

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