Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reading Camp Rocked!

Summer was anything but boring for reading camp volunteers and participants. With an entire world of knowledge to explore via safari, the students were excited and their JLSA leaders created unforgettable learning experiences.

Read more about Reading Camp from JLSA volunteer Shannyn Romero:

JLSA Summer 2011 had a fantastic start.  The 5th Annual Reading Camp Safari at Hawthorne Academy wrapped up on June 17 after completing 330 service hours during the seven days of camp.  Twenty-five 2nd graders, along with 16 JLSA volunteers, went on a Safari exploration of habitats of the world. Along the way, they learned about habitat locations, characteristics, and residents (the animals of each habitat community).   

The students, guided by dedicated JLSA volunteers, explored each habitat through reading, research, arts and craft activities, and snacks coordinated with the day’s habitat.  Students began camp with a story-time introduction from Cat in the Hat (Thanks Cameron!) and left camp with tote bags over flowing with stories, art, play-dough hermit crabs, animal masks, bird feeders, and shoe-box dioramas as well as reading tools, books, and activities to last through the summer.

Thanks you to Amelita, Bonnie, Holly, Jan, Jennifer, Krista, Lynne, Lucy, Samantha, Sarah, and Suzanne along with extra support from Flex Placement volunteers Angela, Amy, and Johanna for making 2011 Reading Camp Safari a fantastically fun and positive learning experience!

Reading Camp participants show off their crafty masks.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Event! Thanks JLSA volunteers for making this a very special camp for kids!